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The Morse Code of Ellipses

HOCUS POKEY: I’m at the coffee shop by my apartment right now, and because I have headphones in, I can’t tell whether or not my laughing at “You know how Robbie Knievel is taking this news. Face down in a gutter.” made me fart out loud. And I laughed out loud again (and, again, can’t tell if I farted during it) thinking about how the giddy teen girls who just ran inside of the establishment to hug their friend-employees might actually not be laughing and acting out of giddy exhibitionist camaraderie, — might, in fact, be crying, and embracing out of mourning for Evel Knievel.


YURI NULL: the farting… that usually happens to me on the elliptical at the gym… see physical exertion often causes gaseous exertion, and i always listen to headphones… i know for damn sure that i once let one rip about two weeks ago when this mildly attractive indian-black girl was exercising next to me… and it smelled terrible… but she was checking me out long and hard yesterday and i thought… that ain’t the look of somebody who was repulsed by somebody farting… i attributed her ability to forgive and forget about flatulence to the more accepting nature of indian fart culture.


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