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Florence, Honey, These Are Those Stallions I Was Telling You About

HOKEY POCUS: I could do Italy. Go stay at that place in Florence that Mr. Pittsburgh’s aunt owns.


YURI NULL: get the fuck out.


HOKEY POCUS: Apparently she has a place there that is open to visitation at any point.


YURI NULL: that would be awesome.


HOKEY POCUS: I just learned of it a few weeks ago.


YURI NULL: what!? what the fucking flying motherfuck. 


HOKEY POCUS: He was so matter-of-fact about it, like, “Oh, YOU KNEW THAT.”


YURI NULL: we should land one big one. and spend four months there. and crank out, in that time, enough intellectual produce to subsist on for eons.


HOKEY POCUS: I asked why the fuck we weren’t going there NOW, and he was like, “Listen, it’s the same shit with you always, you never want to spend money to go anywhere.” I told him it’s different when it’s ‘free’ (sans airfare).


YURI NULL: fuck!!!!




YURI NULL: i want to go.


HOKEY POCUS: We should all go.


YURI NULL: i’m not hesitating at all.


HOKEY POCUS: We bring our computers, boom.


YURI NULL: if he said, february’s the month, then that’d be the end of it. i’d just go. whether the business was up and running, thriving or what. i gotta get a scotch.


HOKEY POCUS: Yeah, all you need is to bring your computer.


YURI NULL: for spending money… all we’d have to do is set-up some kind of “writer’s workshop.” or english conversation workshop. and that’s it. just meet italian girls, and make a paltry sum to afford booze and whatever. and work on the other stuff.


HOKEY POCUS: Exactly. Just set up shop at the cafés, work from there, do some hustling.


YURI NULL: the italian hustle.


HOKEY POCUS: Probably get our computers stolen by thieves.


YURI NULL: we’d be the italians stallion, rapscallion and scallion.


HOKEY POCUS: Fabbro and Favreau.


“You girls like apples?”


YURI NULL: “and i ask this question in direct allusion to the question your forebearer eve posed our male grandsire epochs ago.”


HOKEY POCUS: “Gianni — translate that last bit.”


We’ll meet girls with names like Gelsomina, and Sandra.


YURI NULL: and vittoria.


HOKEY POCUS: And Monica — “the tongue taking three steps — the first one, lumpy, the second lightly limber, the third, kind of caterwauley — to arrive… right… about… here. Whassamattawitchoo.”


YURI NULL: i’ve been listening to a lot of david bowie recently.


HOKEY POCUS: I was listening to ‘Diamond Dogs’ some of late. I really only like “Rebel Rebel” and the last two songs on it. Oh, and there’s a demo of “Candidate” tacked on as a bonus track which is amazing, better than the finished version, as I recall…


YURI NULL: i was listening more to the guitar. and diamond dogs has an awesome solo. but it’s not out front. it’s in the back wing.


there is one part on hunky dory that is ridiculously gay: “love frees the mind and makes you freeeeeeeeeee.”


HOKEY POCUS: Which one is that on? “Fill Your Heart”?




HOKEY POCUS: I figured a song with that title would be the one that contained it. Can’t remember it off hand.


YURI NULL: i like part of it. but then it gets to that part. it’s all frolicky and jumpy, and then that line. i never could tell if it was in jest — 


— or a complete error.