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HOKEY POCUS: This girl’s up my alley.


YURI NULL: who the hell is that sweet lass?


HOKEY POCUS: One of that blonde girl’s friends. She seems like a bit of a dolt, but I’m going to write to her and tell her she’s beautiful, because she is.


YURI NULL: she likes terrible music.


HOKEY POCUS: subject: hi


You’re incredibly beautiful.





YURI NULL: yeah, is that how it happened?


HOKEY POCUS: I don’t think she’ll have a thing to say about that, probably.  


YURI NULL: actually, the simpler and more inane you keep it, the more likely a response will be forthcoming.


HOKEY POCUS: Well, I told her she’s beautiful, so maybe she’ll pee herself like a dog. Just as a reflex for whenever her ego is stroked.


YURI NULL: that’s probable.


what do you think about moll boylan? too plain?


HOKEY POCUS: If you like her, who cares. She’s not my type, physiognomically.


YURI NULL: i hear you. she reminds me of my old best friend’s older sister, whose ways i always secretly wanted to know.